New Batman/TMNT Comic Series Coming This Nov.

Nerdist IINot long ago I read a headline somewhere on social media for a new limited comic series to be released this Fall titled Batman/TMNT Adventures. The article stated it would be drawn in a style similar to that of the 1990s animated comic series, Batman Adventures, which sounds intriguing. This comes on the heels of what I think was one of the best crossover collaborations of 2015-2016, and it’s possible its success might be one of the reasons more Bat/Turtle goodness is en route.

The first series collaboration between DC Comics and IDW launched December 2015 with a lot of buzz, perhaps even bolstered some by a few enticing variant covers from the likes of Kevin Eastman and Neal Adams (see end). A crossover like this though had to be done right and be solid in both writing and art, and in the end I think James Tyion IV and Freddie Williams II nailed it. So, in lieu of the news of another series coming this November I thought shedding some light on their first totally awesome team-up, which concluded this past May, was in order.

Team-Up II

The six issue mini-series revolves around the Turtles and Master Splinter, along with The Shredder and his Foot Clan, being sucked into another dimension. While the two were in heated battle back home in NYC, their mutual enemy and trans-dimensional being, Krang, teleported them all to Gotham city. With both the Turtles, Splinter, Shredder and the Foot Clan out of his way, Krang would be unchallenged. The only problem is when the Turtles traveled through the portal to Gotham something knocked their chemical makeup out of whack, essentially making the mutagen in their blood to become inert over time. So it literally becomes a race to get home in order to stay alive.

In the first issue Batman is unable to determine if the new players on his turf are friend or foe. This results in an epic battle where only the combined strength of all the Turtles could they attempt to stop the more experienced Batman. A battle that is stopped short in the end by Master Splinter’s intervention. From issue two on the story consists of Batman and the Turtles fighting on the same side, naturally, and Batman doing all he can to help his new friends get home.

Splinter II
That time when Splinter found Harley Quinn’s mallet.

Master Splinter really shined in this series I thought and I like the parts with him in it. As a result of these two different universes being mashed up we get a chance to see some cool stuff like Splinter getting his hands on Harley Quinn’s mallet and then proceeding to  tango with some of Arkham Asylum’s inmates who have been mutated (I’ll let the story explain how that happens). He even trails Batman back to the Batcave by himself and in true ninja form is able to get inside completely undetected.

Splint Bat

Aside from the mutual respect and love shown at the end of issue six between everybody, you also see the level of respect Batman has in particular for Master Splinter, the one person in this story who possessed more wisdom and experience than himself. A cool panel for sure.

This was a great mini series that hit the mark in my book. Providing action and great fight sequences, peppered with just the right amount of humor, and, even a little bromance from the Turtles and Batman. And while this post is not a formal review per se, I personally can’t recommend this series enough. As for their next foray come November, it will have a totally different tone and vibe from the first one, but will hopefully be just as good. The Batman Adventures comic series from 1992 which this new series will resemble (the series that birthed Harley Quinn), had a good run and was pretty popular at the time. I look forward to Batman/TMNT Adventures, how about you?

Neal Adams Variant
A Piece From My Collection: Neal Adams variant of Batman/TMNT #1. Graded and autographed witnessed by CGC.



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