New Battleborn Character Hits The Scene

Oh Battleborn, I loved you I really did but after the first week your player base just disappeared. Heck you can get the full game and some dlc for 15 bucks with humble bundle and even get a few other awesome games! While I feel this game could get away with out updates or extra content due to lack of daily players 2K is sticking to their guns with this one and adding another new character. Pendles is a snake with some interesting skills.

I love Battleborn and had people not wrongly called it a Overwatch clone or had it waited to come out I think it would have been a great hit. Lets hope they make a new game with these characters like a SRPG with Fire Emblem style romance/friendship system. What do you think about the new sneaky snake? I love the design and his combat style looks right up my ally. Now if I can just find a damn match.


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