New Battlefield Bad Company 2 DLC Drops Tomorrow

For Battlefield: Bad Company 2 fans there will be a soldier kit DLC released 4/22/10 on the Xbox 360.  Yes, PS3 and PC gamers will have to wait once again for DLC.  The new trend in DLC seems to be give it to the Xbox 360 first and make everyone else wait.  What does this say to gamers?  In my opinion it says, “You better buy multi-platform games on the Xbox 360 you fanboy bozos!”

I’m sure it has to do with some sort of back room deals between devs and Microsoft, but it is kind of funny to hear fanboys get their panties all in a bunch over the matter.  I do feel bad for gamers that don’t have a PS3 and a Xbox 360, because they don’t even have a choice as to which system to buy a game for.  I’d like to reiterate that if you have both systems and want exclusive access to early DLC, you might as well do it for the 360.

Back to the new soldier kit Battlefield DLC, which will provide new weapons and clothing for each class of warrior within the multiplayer portion of the game.  It also promises some new awards and best of all, additional achievements!!

The only detail about this DLC that really blows is that there’s some hoops to jump through to get it.  I guess for US gamers we have to buy some Dr. Pepper just to have the option to buy the DLC pack.  We can’t get it through the Marketplace like regular people, we have to juggle the balls of another big company just to have the privilege of buying the DLC.  That’s definitely BEAT…

Here are all of the details right from the games official blog.

“There are 4 kits, one for each class, specific unique uniforms and camouflaged weapons gives you a visual edge. Recruited strictly from other high-level Special Operations units such as Delta Force and Spetsnaz, the Special Activities groups – SPECACT – are the elite of the elite, used mainly for covert operations and other high-risk missions in areas where conventional troops cannot be used.

With the 4 kit specific unique uniforms and the camouflaged SPECACT personal M16A2, UMP-45, MG3 and M95 SNIPER you have a visual edge on the Battlefield, showing that you’re a force to be reckoned with. The pack also includes 12 new awards and 4 Achievements.

In North America the kit upgrades are only available on Xbox 360 using the Dr Pepper codes printed on special promotional cans.

In Europe and the UK you can get hold of the kit upgrades for:

Xbox Live Marketplace
160 MS points per kit upgrade
440 MS points for bundle pack (all kits)

The kit upgrades will also be coming to PS3 and PC a little later on, we’ll post the exact release dates here as soon as we can.”

I may not agree with the tie-in promotion with Dr. Pepper, but the kits do look enticing.  The DLC does have some potential because there are cheves tied to it, so I may have to start drinking some Dr. Pepper.  It taste like asshole, but for some additional gamerscore I’m down for anything!

You’ve been enlightened…

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