New Battlefield Hardline Mode Crosshair Announced

A new mode for Battlefield Hardline was just announced called Crosshair. This 5v5+1 mode pits two teams of 5 against each other, each spawning on different sides of the map. The goal here is not for the cops to eliminate the criminals, instead it is to aid the escape of a lone VIP player on his way to one of two designated extraction points. The criminals on the other hand must focus all their attention on finding and eliminating the snitch.

There is no respawning and only 3 minutes on the clock, which will most definitely force everyone to think on their feet. Stealth my not always be the best option for the VIP on his way out, as moving slowly can often lead to being boxed in. If cornered, this lone wolf isn’t helpless though as he is armed with a heavy-duty pistol that can gun down an assailant is just a few shots.

Depending on how aggressive the cops are in their defense of the VIP, criminals will have many options for taking him out. Set up a couple snipers to pick him off just before the extraction point? Use fire bombs and explosives to demolish a building he’s hiding in? Or maybe just rush the whole mess of them, hoping to catch him off guard in a blaze of machine gun fire.

Whatever tactics you chose to accomplish your goal, this mode seems like it will be a very hectic and competitive addition to the Battlefield line up of traditional modes. Visceral hopes to see this mode kick off strong in the competition scene, possibly catching on in the eSports crowd.


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