Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is shaping up quite nicely, doing everything that a pre-sequel should. As part of a franchise that has never been afraid to stand out, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel seems to take this notion in stride, as is illustrated by the newly released, narrated walkthrough footage of Pre-Sequel from the PAX Prime showroom floor.

In the narrated walthrough, viewers are thrown into Claptrap’s mechanical body. The iconic character is finally making his gun toting’ debut in Pre-Sequel, ensuring – as is indicated in this video – that the jokes will always be flyin’.

Claptrap has an interesting array of skills, from the standard attack types all the way to deployable turrets and a RAINBOW laser. The Pre-Sequel has seemingly abandoned tongue-in-cheek in favor of over the top absurdities.

Outside of seeing Claptrap’s skills, the narrated walkthrough also features a lot of great gameplay footage, giving some insight into the locations and enemies that players will be be encountering when The Pre-Sequel releases.


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