New Catwoman Trailer for Batman: Arkham City…Meeeow!

Catwoman got her own trailer for Rocksteady’s upcoming Batman: Arkham City this week, and I must say that she moves in a way that will get any gamer’s shorts in a tizzy.  I’m still not sure on her role in the game, but from the looks of this trailer she’s going to be involved in a major way.  I wonder if she’ll be playable, or just another NPC aiding the Bat in his journey to bring justice to Gotham’s most vile criminals?  Either way, I creepily applaud her artists because she’s looking sexy as hell for a video game character.  Yeah I said it!  You know you’ve lusted over a digital female at one point in your life, so take a gander at what Selina Kyle can do for you in the new Batman: Arkham City trailer below.  You haven’t decided if it’s right or wrong to stare at video game characters yet…

Catwoman Trailer Batman: Arkham City



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