New Cinematic Trailer for ‘Quantum Break’ Includes a Familiar Tune

Quantum Break’s new cinematic trailer creates a very surreal reality as time itself is controlled by the mercy of the game’s protagonist, Jack Joyce. A unique cover of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” plays behind the video, adding an atmospheric dichotomy between the sweetness of the music and the tension on-screen.

This story is all about Jack’s fight for survival in a world where time is shattered; an overwhelming goal, to say the least. But when you can control and bend time, things seem a little more doable. The trailer’s time-bending visuals align perfectly with the song as it displays an imaginative and immersive look into the game’s universe. Mystery and intrigue continue to linger in the air after the video’s end, giving viewers plenty of content to ponder.

If you haven’t caught wind of the game until now, this would be the video that sucks you in. Quantum Break will be released April 5, 2016 on Xbox One and PC.

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