New Comic Thriller ‘The Immortal’ Begins Kickstarter Campaign

Imagine being the last human. Not the last human on Earth, but the last human anywhere. Not only that, but you have no memory of your past or why you’re the last human in the known universe. That’s the conundrum that comic creator Darryl Knickrehm has whipped up in his new endeavor called The Immortal. The story follows Z (the previously mentioned last human), a bounty hunter who uses a regeneration chamber to heal himself after fights. The chase of the hunt has begun to wear on Z, and he decides he’s going for one last score before making a career change. As he chases down his target, he uncovers a conspiracy surrounding the death of the human race.

The comic will consist of eight digital issues scheduled for release between October 2015 and October 2016. Print releases will be available in two issue-per-volume trade form beginning January 2016. You can see more details on the Kickstarter campaign that went live earlier today here. Knickrehm is looking for just under $4,000 to complete the series for publication, so be sure to check out the rewards for your donations.


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