New Company of Heroes 2 Screens Show Off the Essence Engine 3.0’s ColdTech

THQ put out a press release today for Company of Heroes 2 that details the new ColdTech found in the game’s Essence Engine 3.0 system.  This technology is obviously key for for a game like COH:2, which will feature the often underscored eastern front of WWII.  For those of you not in the know, the eastern front of WWII featured the bloodiest and most deadly battles of the war, and it was only comprised of Soviet and German forces.  Yeah, it was an awful place to be, and COH:2’s ColdTech will only help to bolster this feeling in gamers.  You can check out the new screens and the official press release below.  You’ve been wanting to blast some Nazis in the snow…


Weather Becomes the Third Player with Innovative ColdTech™ System

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. July 24, 2012 – THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI) today announced that its award-winning upcoming strategy game Company of Heroes® 2 will feature innovative weather condition simulating technology never seen before in the Strategy game genre.

Any historian will attest to the huge role the brutal Soviet winter played in the Eastern Front theatre of World War II and this is now realistically simulated in-game thanks to Relic Entertainment’s new Essence™ Engine 3.0 and its ColdTech system.

ColdTech includes an ‘extreme cold’ mechanic which accurately encapsulates the Soviet winter which reached extremes of -40 degrees F in 1941. At those temperatures human skin will freeze in a matter of minutes, something that is portrayed in the game. On winter maps, Infantry units exposed to the bitter cold will gradually freeze to death unless the player keeps them warm by building fires and garrisoning them in buildings. Dynamic blizzards will increase the effects of extreme cold making it even more hazardous to leave infantry in the open.

The new ColdTech system also allows the Essence Engine to dynamically paint on and remove snow, meaning that not only does it accumulate on buildings and vehicles, but it can also be melted or removed from objects by the player. Snow also has realistic depth which actually impacts troop movement and will retain persistent infantry and vehicle tracks throughout the match unless covered by fresh snow fall.

On top of the innovations in snow technology the engine allows ice to become a weapon in a smart commander’s arsenal. Not only does it have a unique texture, affecting vehicle and troop movement, but it can collapse or be destroyed from underneath troops and vehicles, plunging them into the hypothermic Russian waters. Over time destroyed ice will re-form due to the winter conditions in the game.

All of these new innovations feature alongside Company of Heroes 2’s other technological advancements like the TrueSight™ dynamic line-of-sight mechanic to make this a worthy successor to Company of Heroes.

Quinn Duffy, Game Director at Relic Entertainment commented, “Company of Heroes 2 is all about authenticity and no game based on the Eastern Front would be complete without extreme weather conditions. Thanks to the enhanced technology offered by the new Essence Engine we are able to accurately portray the bitter Soviet winter which crippled the German army.”

The original Company of Heroes was released in 2006 to critical acclaim and is currently the highest rated strategy title on (with more than five reviews) with an average of 93.82% based on 56 reviews. The game features similar acclaim on with a Metascore of 93% based on 55 reviews.

Company of Heroes 2 is scheduled to be available for PC in early 2013. For more information .

Company of Heroes 2 ColdTech Screens

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