Twentieth Century Fox has put out a three and a half minute long featurette for Prometheus called ‘Creations’.  This behind the scenes spot takes a look at the film through the eyes of its cast, crew, and creators.  In it Damon Lindelof stresses that Prometheus isn’t technically a prequel to Alien, rather it is its own stand alone sci-fi tale, but I can’t help but draw the conclusion that this movie will indeed be some sort of quasi-prequel to Scott’s original Alien movie.

After watching Alien recently I noticed both the U-shaped ship and alien looking pilot were present, which are the same ones from the earlier Prometheus trailers.  I don’t anticipate seeing any Xenomorphs in this film, but I do think it will help flesh out what we see the crew of the Nostromos dealing with when they discover the U-shaped ship and its alien egg inhabitants.  I really do think that this movie could be the sleeper hit of the Summer.  It won’t do Avengers and Batman numbers, but it has the potential to be a better overall movie experience.  Check out the ‘Creations’ featurette below.  You’ve been looking forward to another Summer full of geeky blockbusters…

Prometheus – Creations Featurette (HD)

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