New Dead Rising 3 Screens Fresh Out of TGS


The Xbox One exclusive, Dead Rising 3, gathered tons of attention when it was first announced. For the first time in the series, it seemed that a Dead Rising title would be taking a decidedly darker direction, causing quite the buzz around the zombie smashing title.

With each little bit of information that comes out regarding Dead Rising 3, it seems that there is more to get excited about. These new screenshots, hot off the TGS presses, show Dead Rising 3’s protagonists with all sorts of wacky weaponry and insane, zombie-slaughtering machinery. A motorcycle-mounted steamroller with spikes all over it? Sure, why not – this is Dead Rising afterall.

Take a look at the screenshot gallery below for all of the new Dead Rising 3 screens.

Dead Rising 3 TGS Screenshot Gallery:
[nggallery id=247]

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