New Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut DLC Details

New character dlc deadly
New character dlc deadly

Those of you who feel Special Agent Francis York Morgan and company could use a bit of a makeover are in for a treat with Rising Star’s new DLC for the cult hit Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut.

The in-game DLC adds a bevy of new suits for York, as well as additional outfits for Emily and a handful of new cars to cruise around Greenvale with. The new suits and outfits grant some great bonuses to York and the cars are some of the fastest and best handling found in the game.

A complete list of the new Deadly Premonition DLC can be found below:

  • Espresso SuitTolerance to hunger and tiredness x3
  • Field-Ops SuitIncreased HP and attack power x3
  • High Roller SuitMoney Rewards x3
  • Happy Songkran SuitMoney Rewards x3
  • Special-Ops SuitIncreased HP and attack power x2, tolerance to hunger and tiredness x2, money rewards x2
  • Catgirl OutfitEmily character skin
  • Friday Night OutfitEmily character skin
  • The Blue GTCar with increased handling
  • The Devil’s RedCar with increased speed and acceleration
  • The Green DrifterAn expert’s car with drifting capabilities
  • Chibi Chibi Bang BangA unique car skin

Rising Star has also announced more DLC arriving to Deadly Premonition’s town of Greenvale next week on June 11th. The next DLC, called the ‘Real Estate Pack’ will add housing options to the game, allowing York new places to lay his head down to sleep.


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