New Detroit: Become Human Demo Offers Look At Game’s Focus On Choice

At Sony’s Paris Games Week presentation a brand new demo for Detroit: Become Human was shown off, and it focused on the Kara character who was first introduced when the game was initially revealed a few years ago. The scenario places Kara in the home of a single Dad and his daughter. Kara is forced to decide if she should intervene with the Dad’s mistreatment of the girl, or to not intervene, which seems simple on paper, but when you watch it play out you will see how this game intends to play on your emotions. Check out the demo, which is embedded above, to see what I’m talking about.

About The Demo

Since we introduced Detroit with a teaser focused on Kara, we released demos of Connor and Markus. We had to close the loop by showing a demo of Kara, which we are proud to do at Paris Games Week, the place where we revealed the game to the world for the first time. The scene we are presenting is a very important moment in Kara’s story: we discover that Kara is owned by a human, Todd Williams, the single father of a little girl called Alice. Confronted with Todd’s violence toward his little girl, Kara feels compelled to disobey and risk her life to save Alice. Detroit: Become Human is coming to PS4 soon.

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