New Dev Diary Shines Light on ”Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire’ Elite Specializations

In only little over a month, Guild Wars 2 will change. Path of Fire, the second expansion to hit the MMO since its release in 2012, is coming out September 22nd, and it looks like no mere coat of paint. Among the plethora of incoming changes—a rogue god and some animals to ride faster around the world of Tyria, to name a few—lies a treat for each and every class: a new elite specialization.

The video above shows a few developers from ArenaNet talking over footage of each class using their new, shiny weapon. Mesmers get axes, Thieves get rifles, Necromancers get torches—it’s crazy, but it’s also a beautiful little culmination of information and aesthetic. Everything from the sound palette of a class to the role they play in multiple game design structures is explored, albeit briefly, and it’s a pretty interesting look into the minds behind the world.

Plus, it’s always refreshing to hear these design philosophies said aloud.

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