New Dredd 3D “Legendary” TV Spot and “Say No to Slo-Mo” Ad Campaign

Lionsgate has released two new pieces of media for their upcoming Judge Dredd reboot, which will also feature the oft loved and hated 3D effect.  I will admit that this project is slowly growing on me like a case of genital warts.  I thought the first movie based on this comic book sucked a fat one, but maybe that was due to the low budget effects that were available at the time of its making.  Dredd 3D definitely doesn’t seem to disappoint in that arena, which sometimes is enough to make a Sci-Fi movie semi-entertaining.

You can check out both of these new spots below.  Let us know if they tickled your Dredd fancy or not by using the comments section.  Dredd 3D will hit US theaters on 9/21/2012.  You’ve been thinking that drugs are bad, but Slow-Mo looks rad as hell…

DREDD 3D – :30 TV Spot “Legendary”

Say No to “Slo-Mo” – A Public Service Announcement from The Department of Justice

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