New Early Access Trailer for ‘Paragon’ Released with Hero Overviews

Paragon decided to celebrate its upcoming Early Access launch on March 18th by uploading a trailer for the game’s debut, but that’s not all. They also uploaded an overview for each hero, providing an informative outline for each character as well as small recommendations on how to play them.

The trailer above does a great job at showcasing most of Paragon‘s playable heroes as it mixes both cinematic and gameplay elements to fashion a pretty intense battle. Each character has their own uniqueness and style — they all have strengths and weaknesses that promote an artful balance when it comes to team composition. Characters like Steel and Rampage may both play the role of damage absorbing tanks, but they certainly have their own ways to do it.

Once you’re done with the launch trailer, don’t forget to check out the individual overview for each hero. These minute-long (ish) videos were simultaneously released alongside the trailer and yield a small wealth of helpful information about Paragon‘s cast of heroes. Dekker, a disruptive ranged support character with a focus on isolating her enemies, is down below for your viewing pleasure.

You can check out the whole playlist here; regardless of any role preference, each one is worth a quick look.

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