New Edible Crayons! Wait Weren’t They Always Edible?

Luxirare has created 8 crayon colors that are completely edible.  Contrary to popular belief, I guess we weren’t supposed to eat the Crayola brand.  That’s disappointing because I loved the flavor of Crayola’s paper wrapping that went around their crayons, but now that I know these weren’t supposed to be eaten, I’m wondering what sort of cancer I’m going to get.

Luxirare uses everything from marshmallows, fruity pebbles, peas, beans, and pumpkin seeds to make these safe to eat crayons.  Unfortunately, these aren’t available for sale yet, so you’ll have to continue chomping your way through the coveted 64 colors Crayola pack.  Stay away from the gold color, it makes your teeth look like you’ve been chewing on a rusty tail pipe.  You’ve been warned about eating crayons that aren’t from Luxirare…

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