Ubisoft and RedLynx are proudly announcing their first major update to Trials Fusion, which introduces a new feature free of charge.

If you enjoy falling off motorbikes and restarting at checkpoints numerous times, then you’ll be happy to hear that this new update contains 10 new player-created cross-platform tracks to face plant on.

The update also contains online tournaments, giving players the ability to show off their skills and view each others varying levels of motorbike masochism. Players will be able to see how they rank alongside other players for a limited time before having another chance to place higher up on the leaderboards, unlocking new bike parts, in-game cash and experience points. Prizes will depend on your leaderboard placing, so the higher you get, the better the prize.

It was also announced that the first batch of paid DLC will be coming this summer. Players can either buy the six DLC ‘pieces’ separately, or all together as part of the Trials Fusion season pass. The upcoming summer DLC is said to contain new bike parts, rider gear, track editor items and a new career mode event.

The final announcement to come off the back of this free update is that a Trails Fusion demo for the Xbox One is available today.


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