New Gameplay Trailer for ‘Paragon’ Shows Off Gadget’s Gizmos

A new Gameplay Highlights video follows Gadget around Paragon‘s battlefield, and she is far from a pushover. The video above shows her bots decimating every enemy character and minion while simultaneously buffing her own teammates. Needless to say, it’s quite a potent combo.

Gadget employs a primarily AoE-based set of skills that add quite a lot of utility to her character. Her passive naturally increases damage dealt to minions; when combined with her other AoE abilities, maintaining control over the map becomes far easier. She may not be the most mobile but with four awesome robots to deploy, who really needs mobility? Vision Bot grants her vision and damage from a distance, Gate Bot sets up a barrier of damage for those who pass through (also a speed buff for your allies), Tesla Bot releases a heavy-hitting electrified pulse, and Sticky Bot adds yet another explosion into the mix.

Ignoring Gadget can lead to a whole mess of problems for your team, so watch closely. You’ll want to study if you aim to survive in Early Access when it releases this Spring.

Here’s a work-in-progress guide on Gadget to help get you started.


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