Let’s take a look at some of the games coming onto your favorite box, the Xbox One that is, between January 8th to the 14th.

  • January 10th
    • Albert & Otto: The Adventure Begins – Venture into a haunted world set in the 1930’s in this atmospheric platformer filled with a litany of puzzle to keep you on your toes. Along with the puzzles, you’ll have to switch between the two characters to help overcome obstacles and unravel the mystery of the girl with the rabbit ears.
    • Space Hulk: Ascension – This title may be a bit misleading for some, no it’s not about the Hulk I’m sorry. In this turn-based strategy game that takes the classic board game and builds upon it with RPG style elements. You’ll lead a small team of elite Space Marine Terminators through harrowing and dangerous fights against the alien genestealers in the isolated and tomb-like chambers of ancient vessels long since lost in space.
  • January 12th
    • Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China – Take to the skies in epic battles as fighter WWII fighter pilots from the RAF and USAAF. Battle over China as a member of the fabled Flying Tigers, get into intense dog fights with enemy aces while you defend China from Rangoon to Burma

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