New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots: To Live and Die in Los Santos


As we move ever closer towards the September release of the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto V , new information about the game is coming out faster than ever.

The GTA franchise has always been the front-runner of the sandbox genre, blending an immersive world, strong writing, and innovative gameplay. The screenshots released today certainly acknowledge this – showing the game’s characters in a variety of different locations and taking part in the different aspects of Los Santos life, from drive-by shootings to scenic skydives during dusk.

It’s hard not to appreciate the work that Rockstar puts into their games when looking at these screenshots. Each image is stunning. Graphically, they look beautiful. The characters and scenery look terrific. In an era of dull brown shooters and hackneyed characters, it is a breath of fresh air to see that Rockstar is going to bring gamers a vibrant crime world.


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