New Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters Trailer

I’ll be the first one to admit that I love comic books and the super heroes they create, but I’m not really into reading them.  I take the cheap way out and just watch the movie versions when they premiere on the silver screen.  Although, this does not mean that I don’t like learning about the back stories of said comic book movies.  That’s why I rely on readers of this site like Leviathan (Ultimate human comic book encyclopedia) to fill in the blanks for me when it comes to the comic book lore that doesn’t get shown in the big screen adaptations.

The Green Lantern fits into this category of “I dig it, but don’t really know WTF it’s about”.  I thought the movie trailer was very intriguing, as well as the trailer for the videogame adaptation of the Green Lantern movie, which you’ll see below.  From the two trailers that I’ve seen about the Green Lantern franchise I’m guessing that the ring gives its user any power he/she can dream of, and there’s multiple Green Lanterns charged with protecting their particular World from evil.

The game trailer also hints at the possible bad guys in the Green Lantern series with the introduction of the Manhunters, which kind of sound like some sort of extreme feminist group with robots.  I could be pulling that out of my arse, but you’ll have to see for yourself below.  If you have anymore Green Lantern details please let us know using the Comments section below.  You’ve been needing one of those skin tight green suits…


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