New Halo: Reach Live-Action Trailers – Someone Please Make a Halo Movie!

The hype machine for Bungie’s Halo: Reach is in full swing with the game only being a few weeks from launch on 9/14.  I must say the Halo franchise does some of the best marketing I’ve ever seen.  With their mix of live-action shorts and constant gameplay vidocs it’s hard not to know what they’re working on for the masses to consume.  This tactic is no different for Halo: Reach.  I’ve been literally amazed at the live-action shorts that have been shot for this game’s launch and back story.  With each one I continue to loathe Hollywood for not getting a quality Halo movie into production.

I find it hard to believe that no one will give Halo a chance on the big screen.  These live-action shorts are so well put together you could almost piece them as one and release it as a mini-movie.  Just this week two additional live-action shorts for Halo: Reach have been released, and just like the original I find myself wanting more after watching them.  By wanting more I don’t mean the game, I mean I want more of this story shot in the real world and put out as a flick.  I just know if a Halo movie is done right it’d smash the box office.  I mean look at what has happened with comic-book movies?  In this day and age more people are going for blockbusters over indie films, so I know a Halo movie would blow up.

Anyway,  check out the two new live-action shorts for Halo: Reach below.  The first one is called ‘Remember Reach’ and showcases the civilians of the doomed planet.  It’s an interesting spin considering Halo is all about killing and war.  ‘Remember Reach’ could very easily be turned into a full length film that I’d love to watch.  It totally left me wanting more, and I really feel like the creators of this are heading in the right direction for a full length film.

The second one is called ‘Deliver Hope’ and this one only focuses on the Spartans themselves, but it is just as emotional as ‘Remember Reach’.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve become very close with the Halo universe, so I’m emotionally invested in its lore.  Like most people that don’t care for the real world I actually get more emotional over fiction than fact, so this vid makes you feel for the fake characters known as Spartans.  It’s hard to see your buddies die for a cause.  Excuse me while I remove my Maxi-pad!  You’ve been wanting a Halo movie more now than ever…

‘Remember Reach’


‘Deliver Hope’


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