New ‘Hellblade’ Trailer Showcases Extraordinary Realism, Dev. Diary Shows How

Epic Games is no stranger when it comes to unreal graphics (pun intended), but the new trailer for Hellblade includes a few other majorly helpful hands working in tandem with developer Ninja Theory.

Cubic Motion, 3Lateral, Xsens, IKinema, and Technoprops have all banded together to work on this project. Senua, Hellblade‘s main protagonist, has received endless amounts of love and affection towards every fiber of her character, but her facial details are the most astounding. She’s an intimidating Celtic warrior who suffers from a trauma-related psychosis, making the journey through the viking-themed landscape include both physical and mental hurdles to overcome. The potential for raw, emotionally powerful performances in video games has grown exponentially, and the new development diary shows how they pulled it off.

Check it out below — it offers a ton of insight into the thought process behind modeling, texturing, and animation, and contains a wealth of innovative passion. With this much attention to detail, Hellblade might definitely be something to consider keeping on your radar.

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