The independent video game development scene has grown at a simply staggering rate in recent years. From what was initially an unseen, unheard minority group of designers making simple passion projects has skyrocketed into one of the industry’s driving forces.

With the launch of the current generation consoles, capturing the heart and attention of the indie scene was one of the primary focuses for both Microsoft and Sony. Both companies have succeed in making their new systems great homes for independent developers, but Microsoft’s [email protected] program has been drawing lots of attention lately.

A new video uploaded to the official Xbox YouTube channel showcases various independent developers currently working on their games in conjunction with the [email protected] program. The developers discuss what makes the indie scene so unique and why they pride themselves on shying away from big name publishers in favor of being guided by unbridled creativity.

If one thing is certain for the future of video gaming, it is that the small independent teams are destined to continually drive innovation in the industry. Be happy, games are only going to get better.


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