New ILM ‘Behind the Magic’ Featurette Details the VFX of ‘The Avengers’

the avengers ILM behind the scenes

If you loved Marvel’s The Avengers, and also get intrigued by movie magic, then you must watch the new ILM featurette for the superhero film after the break.  This 3-minute behind the scenes tutorial shows how ILM created the iconic shot at the end of the film when all of the Avengers gather together for the first time while they’re battling Loki’s army of alien invaders.  It really is eye opening to see how all of the various shots and camera tricks are combined to create what we see on the silver screen.

Without VFX houses like ILM and Weta we wouldn’t be able to watch all of these awesome geek flicks and have our minds blown by their special effects.  If you’re interested in how one of the most iconic scenes from The Avengers was created then you must watch the clip down below.  You’ve been wishing you worked in the movies…

Behind the Magic: “Marvel’s The Avengers” – Anatomy of a Shot

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