New In-Engine Trailer for Total War: Warhammer

Not too long ago, we brought you the launch trailer for Total War: Warhammer, by which Sega concluded their dark rights which have brought about the rebirth of the franchise rights from the fires of THQs demise.

Well, looks like the good folks over at Creative Assembly have been busy in the meantime and today we get our first look at the game in action with an in-engine trailer focussing on the Emperor Karl Franz leading an imperial force against a enormous WAAGH of Greenskins.

So how does it look? Well the engine looks incredible with massive armies clashing together on screen with what look like hundreds of unique animations and character models. It also easily handles the monstrous proportions of fantastical creatures like Giants, Wyverns and Gryphons with nary a stutter. While this is no doubt running on the highest spec PC possible it’s still an encouraging sign.

In terms of content I’m still a little disappointed that we’re not seeing much outside of the Empire vs. Greenskins/Chaos matchup yet as I’m eager to see some other factions, like the dwarves, in action. Still this trailer should tide me over until they finally announce my beloved Brettonians are ready at launch.




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