A new game for iOS devices has been released today, and it’s curiously called A Gay Dragon.  If that title doesn’t warrant a few downloads then I don’t know what motivates people to download apps these days.  A Gay Dragon features strategic puzzle platforming, and of course a gay dragon as the lead character.  I can’t even begin to think about how the developers at Redikod came up with the concept of making a game about a dragon who likes other boys, but hey it’s a different time and a different world these days, so I guess anything is possible.  For full details on A Gay Dragon head on down past the break to read the official press release.  You’ve been wondering if there are any gay dragons in Skyrim…

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A Gay Dragon Press Release

Developer Redikod today announced its newest strategic puzzle platformer for iOS, A Gay Dragon. A charming cartoony 3D quest for true love, A Gay Dragon, turns the typical fairytale upside down as the loveable and jaunty Melwin sets out to save his beloved prince from the oppression of the vengeful princess. Featuring intuitive puzzle gameplay, a full 3D environment, and the most dashing dragon ever to grace mobile, A Gay Dragon is now available for purchase from the iTunes AppStore.

Melwin the dragon is blindly in love and cannot find his way to the object of his adoration, so players must guide him through a forest fraught with danger to rescue the prince from the princess and aggressive female dragons. By strategically placing arrow-guides on the playing field to guide Melwin, players can guide him to the prince while also deterring the advances of his female adversaries. Additional elements, such as gold that Melwin can turn into makeshift armor and the powerful Dragon’s Breath, are also placed in each level to help players fend off enemies. Furthermore, appealing to everyone’s inner-builder, A Gay Dragon is equipped with a fully interactive 3D lair where players can utilize special items picked up in the game to customize and decorate Melwin’s abode to their liking.

“A Gay Dragon is a cheeky spin on a proven entertaining puzzle formula with additional interactive elements thrown in to increase replayability,” said Erik Robertson, Managing Director at Redikod. “Melwin is a fun and loveable protagonist, and we think that the overall theme of the game is just audacious enough to give players a chuckle as they maneuver through the levels.”

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