Insomniac Games’ first multi-platform video game is nearly ready for its May 28th release, and Fuse is definitely a game that should be on everyone’s radar. There’s a demo available for it on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 that definitely deserves your attention.

Fuse offers 4-player team based co-op in a third person view similar to Epic Games’ Gears of War franchise. Rather than featuring Hulk-like marines, Fuse’s squad is a mixed bag of characters that provide class based abilities. Each member has a specialty that needs to be used to help the squad achieve its goals. Naya offers stealth abilities and close quarter combat weaponry, while Dalton fills the traditional tank role with his magshield gun. Isabelle is the team’s support person and can provide health recharges to damaged allies, and the final squad members is Jacob, who offers sniping abilities for long range tactics. When each team member is used effectively the Overstrike 9 squad is an unstoppable force.

Naya busting skulls in stealth mode
Naya busting skulls in stealth mode

Fuse is meant to be played with three other gamers, but the AI functions quite admirably when playing alone. Gamers have the option to switch between AI characters on the fly, so each member of the Overstrike 9 team can be utilized for specific situations during each mission. The mechanic works very well, and it helps to change up the pace of every battle.

Fuse, like Gears of War, offers tight cover based gameplay. The controls aren’t as refined as Gears when it comes to entering cover, but Insomniac has created a system that works well after the acclamation period wears off. The gunplay functions flawlessly as well, and each character has a special weapon that provides them with devastating attacks. If one character’s arsenal isn’t getting the job done you can always switch to another on the fly to help turn the tide of the battle.

Overstrike 9 needs to use their abilities in tandem for success
Overstrike 9 needs to use their abilities in tandem for success

Gears of War isn’t the only game that comes to mind when analyzing Fuse’s gameplay. It offers platforming as well, which plays out similar to the recent Tomb Raider. Scaling cliff faces and buildings is an easy affair with the solid platforming controls. Overstrike 9 isn’t as nimble as Ms. Croft, or Drake, but the team can scale steep faces with the best of them.

The Fuse demo offered magnificent visuals that set it apart from its competition. The textures are very crisp, and the world is bright and vibrant. The characters are highly detailed, and they don’t come off as robots during the cutscenes. Their in-game animations provide smooth looking visuals, which make the game’s controls feel extremely tight and responsive. Each character also sports a unique look, which is a nice change of pace from the Gears of War franchise.

Fuse is a beautiful looking video game
Fuse is a beautiful looking video game

Insomniac’s first multi-platform game is definitely a new IP to put on your radar. The demo definitely deserves your attention, because it offers a great glimpse of how this game plays, and it’s interesting enough to warrant a purchase of the full game on May 28th. It’s a pleasant surprise that shouldn’t be missed. The demo is only a slice of the overall package, but it’s competent enough to elicit excitement. Make sure to grab the demo (links below) today, so you can give Fuse a spin to see what it has to offer.

PlayStation 3: Available Now

Xbox 360: Available Now (Gold Members)


Fuse | Story Campaign, Echelon Mode and Demo Details | For The Win May 2013

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