The folks over at Geek’s Room, with the help of user Javier Muniz, have posted a fantastic visual wrap up of all the new features found in The new iPad.  They even went ahead and listed the rumored features that didn’t end up making it in Apple’s 3rd-gen iPad tablet.  For those of you that have an easier time comprehending data in a visualized form, this infographic should be right up your alley.

Check it out below and salivate over the details, or troll on them if you’re an Apple hater.  I for one no longer judge Apple without using their tech first, and I’ll never look back, but being a former PC guy I understand the odd line of thinking that anti-Apple users have.  You’ve been hoping that more people begin to realize that Apple products drive the tech industry because they truly are the embodiment of innovation…

The new iPad Details Infographic

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