New Kinect Hack Gives Us Predator Active Camouflage

I apologize if I’m over doing it with the Kinect hacks, but I’m absolutely amazed at what has come out of this product in just 6 weeks.  I encourage you to follow this link to read up on the other Kinect hacks if you haven’t already done so.  It truly is geektastic to see what type of home brew applications are coming out of this device.

The newest hack that I have found uses the Kinect to optically camouflage the person in frame.  Think about what it looks like when the Predators flip on their invisibility armor.  This is the exact look that is achieved using the Kinect with Openframeworks.  You’ll see that the person in frame is nearly invisible; just like the Predator that caused Ahnold to scream, “Get to the choppa!”  The video would be even better if the person dubbed the sh*tty music with the sound that is heard when you’re in the Predator’s head in the movies.

Not only will Kinect eventually give us a commercial application for the Minority Report UI, but now it may yield invisibility cloaks for the masses.  I just need a shoulder mounted laser cannon and I’ll be ready to take over the World!  You’ve been wanting any piece of technology from a Predator’s arsenal…


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Via [Takayukifukatsu]


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