Up until now I was pretty sure that Kingdom Hearts III was going to lean more towards the goofy, slightly cringe-y side of the KH games. Let’s be honest, the whole series has always teetered on the edge of being a likable, sometimes serious action RPG… or a game that embarrasses you int front of friends.

We don’t talk about Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts II, EVER.

I think this game will likely still teeter on that edge without ever falling on one side or the other, which is fine. This latest trailer seems to showcase some pretty emotional moments within the story. At one point, it looks like Donald either passes out or maybe even dies (probably not, but hey), and Sora seems to break down, crying and screaming. I’m excited to see what moments this game brings, because the gameplay already looks fantastic, so all that’s left to the imagination is how the story is handled.

I don’t know if this will be the last game in the series forever, but that seems to be the way that they’re treating it. They’re really pulling out all the stops and I’m happy about that, I hope they don’t show off too much more though. Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think and if you plan on picking up the game!

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