New ‘LEGO Dimensions Midway Arcade’ Gameplay Trailer Gets Nostalgic

LEGO Dimensions recently uploaded a gameplay trailer for the game’s fourth wave of additions, Midway Arcade. Not only does it showcase in-game content such as the G-6155 SpyHunter vehicle, it includes an impressive amount of arcade games to play.

Blasteroids, Gauntlet, Marble Madness, Paperboy, Rampage, SpyHunter, and so much more are now absolutely playable in LEGO Dimensions. Those wanting a break from the games’ shenanigans can find peace in a playable retro arcade cabinet; but that’s not all — there’s one more nostalgia-inducing addition. The Level Pack comes with a buildable Gamer Kid minifigure. With this, players will finally be able to place themselves right into the game’s antics alongside their favorite characters.

Midway Arcade has a great chance to introduce older games to a newer, younger audience. Between the retro arcade games and the playable Gamer Kid, this looks to be one of the best LEGO Dimensions waves to date.

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