New ‘Lost’ Actress: Widmore is a Good Guy!

I came across some ‘Lost’ news in anticipation for tonight’s episode, “The Package”, which is the 10th episode in this final season.  I want to cry every time I say that, “final season”, man will there ever be a show to fill the void of ‘Lost’?  Beware of minor SPOILERS below if you haven’t been watching the final season.

Let me take my maxi-pad out and continue on with the story.  If you’ve been following this season your well aware of some new character introductions via Charles Widmore’s crew.  Well the actress that plays Zoe, Widmore’s right-hand woman, told someone in a recent interview that she knows the answers of ‘Lost’.  Obviously she can’t spill the beans, but based on what she knows she feels by being on Widmore’s team she is on the good team.

For ‘Lost’ fans it has become very evident that there is a struggle between good and evil although the lines are very blurry as to what side is which.  Charles Widmore has been a mysterious character from the get go, and no one really knows what he’s all about.  This revelation may shed some light on which team Widmore is on, but as with anything ‘Lost’ we’ll never know for sure until the writers bestow the truth upon us.

All we can hope for is another great episode tonight to shed even more light on our beloved ‘Lost’.  Only 7 episodes left until we’re left with a void in our minds where ‘Lost’ used to spark thought.

You’ve been enlightened…



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