New ‘Mass Effect: Paragon Lost’ Featurette Deals with “Choosing Vega”

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is an Anime movie that will be coming to Blu-ray on December 28, 2012, with a few limited engagements scheduled at movie theaters across the country.  FUNimation has released a new featurette that covers the controversial choice of picking Johnny Vega as the main character in this Mass Effect movie.  I, like most Mass Effect fans, have questioned this decision from the get go.  I mean, who gives a f*ck about a character that was only in one of the Mass Effect games when there are so many others that have been there since day one.  How awesome would it be if this movie was about Tali, Ashley, or Garrus?  You know, characters that actually mean something in the Mass Effect trilogy?

Oh well, I’ll still check out Paragon Lost, because that’s how I roll.  It’s called taking one for the geek-team.  If you have to see this movie in theaters you can pick up tickets here.  If you want to know why they chose to make Vega the lead character you should check out the video after the break.  You’ve been wishing they went in a different direction…

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost – Choosing Vega – on Blu-ray & DVD 12.28.12

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