New Mortal Kombat Drops Liu Kang Trailer With Bicycle Kick!

The Liu Kang character trailer has dropped and has me getting even more excited for the new Mortal Kombat game coming out in April.  Liu was always my first choice when it came to slapping quarters on an MK, or MKII cabinet back in the days of the old coin-op arcade.  Even though his initial fatality was weaker than an AIDS victim, he still had some of the best opponent killing combos the original MK games had to offer.  Who doesn’t remember doing the bicycle kick as their opening Liu Knag move in Mortal Kombat 2? The sound of Liu Kang shouting Bruce Lee like “woo’s” and “wah’s” will forever be embedded in my gaming files within my rotten brain.  The new Mortal Kombat can’t get here soon enough, especially my over priced joystick version.  Check out the Liu Kang trailer below.  You’ve been wanting to woo woo woo wah wah waaahh someone in the face…


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