New Mortal Kombat Gameplay Footage: Sub-Zero v Scorpion

Some new gameplay footage has come out of PAX over the weekend in regards to the awesomely bloody new Mortal Kombat game due later this year.  The video is kind of ghetto, but the Mortal Kombat action is titties.  I love the real-time damage animations, which reflect the gruesome brutality inflicted on each character by their opponent.  I’m also digging the super damage animation, or whatever they’re calling it.  Just watch when Sub-Zero zooms in and squishes some organs and bust some skulls.  That’s the super damage deal and it is awesome.

The 2 gamers playing take some time to get the moves going, but once they do you can really see how this Mortal Kombat is hearkening back to its origins.  The combat seems fluid and I love the 2D fighting space.  That 3D crap never quite worked for Mortal Kombat, so I’m glad to see it go.  It seems you also get some more time to enter the Fatality button commands, which is nice because I used to get nervous as all hell while trying to put those in.  You would have thought that I was personally going to get my spine ripped out if I didn’t pull of the Fatality code, that’s how intensely I used to treat that moment.

I think it’ll be time to get back to fighters once this comes out.  It just screams play me!  Check it out for yourself below.  You’ll even get to hear one of the gamers bitch about the Xbox d-pad!  That’s why MS has made the limited edition version that got fanboys in an uproar last week.  You’ve been waiting to get back to some good old videogame violence…


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