David Bowie – Nothing Has Changed

David Bowie is releasing his newest compilation album this week, which includes numerous re-masters. The album contains hits and previously unreleased tracks spanning his 50-year career. It also contains two new songs, one of which can be seen in the video above. The record will be available in a two or three disc box set, vinyl, and digital download.

Wilco – Alpha Mike FoxtrotWhat’s your 20?

While we’re on the subject of compilation albums, Wilco has two available this week. Both records celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary with What’s Your 20? being the de facto “hits” record (the band was never one to top the singles chart), while Alpha Mike Foxtrot features 77 rare tracks that show the band’s progression during their first two decades. Both albums earn my pick of the week.

Nickelback – No Fixed Address

Chad Kroeger and Co. are back with a new album this week. The eighth studio album by the Canadian rockers has similar lyrics to past records, but the sound is a bit more progressive. Kroeger has edged his rock band closer to the depths of EDM and disco. Is it better? Worse? I’ll let you decide.

Fishboy – An Elephant

Fair warning: be careful of the results if you Google “Fishboy”. The band isn’t necessarily the top result. Anyway, if you like concept albums, be sure to check these guys out. This particular album jumps into the story of Thomas Edison and the killing of an elephant that was electrocuted while Edison was showing everyone how dangerous alternating current is. I wish I was making this up.

Take some time to listen to some new music; you just might find your new favorite band.

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