Smashing Pumpkins – Monuments To An Elegy

The Smashing Pumpkins (well, mainly Billy Corgan) return with a new album this week. As Corgan seems to be the only constant member, it may perk some folks’ ears to know that Rage Against the Machine’s Brad Wilk and The Killers’ Mark Stoermer have filled in on drums and bass. Tommy Lee also lent a hand for the studio recording.

Cracker – Berkeley To Bakersfield

Cracker releases their tenth studio album this week, a dual-disc that spans their punk and country influences. Primarily known for its grungier sound, Cracker has been heavily influenced by country as well. This album provides the best of both worlds, with the Berkeley disc consisting of the punk sound, and the Bakersfield disc tipping its hat to the country genre. My pick of the week.

Angels & Airwaves – The Dream Walker

One-third of Blink 182 releases his newest album with side project Angels and Airwaves. Tom DeLonge has teamed up with keyboardist Ilan Rubin (Lostprohets, Nine Inch Nails), guitarist David Kennedy (Over My Dead Body, Box Car Racer), and bassist Eddie Breckenridge (Thrice) to make this new album part of a multimedia project that includes a comic book, graphic novel, videos, and a short film that will tie in. The album is available for streaming today on Rolling Stone here.

J. Cole – 2014 Forrest Hills Drive

Jermaine Cole’s newest album hits shelves this week, and the album gives off a prodigal son-like feel. Returning to what he feels is important in life with help from the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Drake, Cole offers a deeper, inward look at his life.

Over the weekend, the 57th Grammy Award Nominees were released (the full list can be seen here), so be sure to check back as we get closer to the awards show on February 8th for my predictions on who will take home a gilded gramophone. If your favorite doesn’t win, don’t be sad, it’s only a Grammy.

Take some time to listen to some new music; you just might find your new favorite band.

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