New Music Monday: Week of October 14th, 2014

OK GO – Hungry Ghosts

OK GO returns with their fourth studio album and another creative music video to go with it. The band has successfully taken a somewhat-outdated medium (music videos) and combined it with the explosion of YouTube to generate momentum. These guys are so good they won a Grammy in 2007 for this video. Here’s how creative they got with the the writing process for the new album, which involved a room for each person:

“We’d just go from room to room. You’d work on whatever song you wanted for a while, and then you’d get tired or run out of ideas, and then you’d go listen to somebody else’s room for a while and make comments on what they were doing. Somebody else would be listening to your stuff and they’d give comments back. We just kept walking around the building in a circle, commenting on each other’s work and improving each other’s work.” – Producer Dave Fridmann

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness – Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness

The former frontman of Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin has released the album for his newest project, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness. While the people he plays with may have changed throughout the years, one thing that’s remained is his passion and ability to write songs. My pick of the week, but not just because I’m nostalgic towards Something Corporate. That has nothing to do with it. Nothing at all.

Florida Georgia Line – Anything Goes

Still riding high after their debut album in 2012, Florida Georgia Line are releasing their sophomore effort this week, highlighted by the single above. Since the duo formed in Nashville in 2010, they have seen a quick rise to fame that has allowed them to open for country acts like Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, and Jason Aldean.

The Young Sinclairs – This Is The Young Sinclairs

Hailing from Roanoke, Virginia, The Young Sinclairs provide a ’60s feel while keeping it modern. The jangle of the guitars is reminiscent of The Birds yet provide an updated sound on the folk rock/psychedelia genre.

Take some time to listen to some new music; you just might find your new favorite band.


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