New Nioh Screenshots Released Ahead of Second Demo

Nioh’s got some serious potential.

After languishing in development for years, Nioh wowed PlayStation 4 owners when a playable demo of the game’s early stages appeared for free on the PSN. Team Ninja’s take on fuedal horror and methodical combat served as an excellent proof of concept, leaving many who played Nioh’s demo eager for more.

The buzz around the game hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Nioh’s publisher, Koei Tecmo confirmed that a second playable demo will be available starting on August 23. Cited as a Beta build of Nioh, the upcoming demo will include new locations, weapon types (including a “hand cannon rifle”), and plenty of enemies for players to cut their teeth against.

With just over a month before Nioh’s Beta demo goes live, being forced to wait so long for another chance to dive into the Bushido Blade by way of Dark Souls world that Team Ninja have created. But until then, there are a bunch of new Nioh screenshots to ogle at. Check them out below.


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