In the age of people finally realizing that loot boxes are scuzzy and manipulative, we’ll just forget about that because Overwatch has new cosmetic stuff!

I mean, I guess that should make up for how absolute dog shit the implementation of the League skins was. If you wanted to buy all of those skins you’d have to spend multiple hundreds, which is the scummiest shit I’ve seen since Battlefront II. Yeah, it’s true, you probably wouldn’t want every single skin for every single character, but what if you wanted one teams skin for every character?

Fork over $100, please, and make sure you fuck yourself on the way out the door. I used to really like the cosmetics approach that Overwatch took, and would defend the fact that it’s not needed for gameplay. But they seriously prey on you to buy a few boxes here and there, and that shit just shouldn’t be happening in a game that’s already full price. Regardless, check out the trailer above for all the new skins cosmetics launch trailer and let us know what you think!

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