And no, we ain’t talkin about the dude from Megaman X with the spiky shoulder-pads.

Sigma is by far one of the most interesting-looking heroes to date in the game. There have been a couple crazy characters in the game, or the mad scientist, Moira somewhat fits that bill. Sigma, however, totally is off his rocker after trying to experiment with what seems like some kind of black hole technology. It seems to pull his personality in a whole bunch of different directions, and temporarily turn him into a lifeless, drooling mess.

My hope for this character is that he’s got some kind of split-personality thing going on. He could have a cold and calculating scientist approach to things, like a certain gas-wielding psycho from Apex Legends. Then on the other hand he’ll have a completely out-of-control side that’s incorporated into his ult, or one of his skills that makes him go batshit crazy. Aside from his personality, he seems to wield some kind of black-hole generator within himself, or be able to just make them out of thin-air. His suit is pretty cool too, and the little geometric shapes that he flings around may or may not be his basic projectile, like Zenyatta’s orbs.

Check out the trailer above and let us know if Sigma intrigues you or if you’re feeling a bit exhausted by it all.

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