New Pacific Rim: Uprising Poster Released Featuring Jake Pentecost and a Jaeger

John Boyega, who is starring in Pacific Rim: Uprising as Jake Pentecost, has tweeted out a new poster for the film featuring his character and a massive Jaeger. Based on the poster it looks like Jake will be taking on the same Jaeger that Charlie Hunnam’s character piloted in the original. I’m still not sure why he isn’t returning, but it looks like his absence will be filled by Jake Pentecost, who is the son of Idris Elba’s character.

If anything else, Boyega’s character has a killer mustache, which you can see in the new poster above. That thing is about as pimp as mustaches can get, and I’m digging the nod to Idris Elba’s own stache, which he wears masterfully.

Pacific Rim: Uprising is set to this theaters during March of 2018.

About Pacific Rim: Uprising

Warner Bros. Pictures in association with Legendary Pictures are proudly to present; ‘PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING’ — the epic action-packed sequel of the successful hit from 2013 ‘Pacific Rim’ that was directed by the visionary mastermind Guierlmo del Toro, which now took the lead by Steven S. DeKnight (“Marvel’s Daredevil”). This time ,7 years after the events of the first film, the US Military forces are keeping going with the Yeagers Project in order to continue protecting the Earth from the dangerous Kaijus. Later ,a young mild mannered construction worker of The Wall (acclaimed “Star Wars” actor John Boyega) is deciding to join the forces of the Yeagers Project and takes the now destroyed Gypsy Danger and a new partner (Scott Eastwood) in order to battle the Kaijus which threatening our world and our existence. At the meantime, as everyone else are still battling the Kaijus, the human war forces are revealing that they also have to face against the enigmatic Hannibal Chu (Ron Perlman) which now having the willing to use the Kaijus into his will. Now, the duo and the other war forces are having the task to save the Earth and humanity from total apocalypse as well as stopping the evil Chu from carrying out his mysterious plans.

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