Now that I have assumed the identity of The Entertainment Buddha I seem to find pieces of entertainment news that I typically wouldn’t have stumbled upon while working in the “real” world.  Maybe it’s because my Jedi abilities that I learned at a young age are coming back after being temporarily taken from me by the Emperor, or “Corporate America”. That’s kind of the point of this whole thing.  I’m here for those of you that don’t have the time to look for this otherwise random and useless information that is cool to know, but not essential.

Most Sci-Fi geeks have been a fan of the Predator series since hearing Arnold yell, “Get to the choppa!” back in the original movie from the 80’s.  The franchise has since seen a sequel and two spin-offs in the form of the AVP series.  The AVP entries weren’t the best, but entertaining for fans of the original Predator and Alien lore, not to mention fans of [slider title=”dismemberment.”]Yeah not sure if I’m a whacko or what, but over the top hack and slash films are dope.  Does this make me demented?  Hell no, it makes me a dude.  We like food, guns, chicks, and shit getting destroyed.  It’s natural.[/slider]  This leads to the newest entry that I literally had no clue about.

It looks like the 3rd entry in the Predator [slider title=”franchise”]I count AVP’s as spin-offs and not the main franchise.[/slider] is titled, “Predators”.  Notice the pluralization.  Now this is all my own deduction from watching the trailer, but this movie looks to involve multiple Predator hunters versus the solo Predator hunter found in the first two movies.  The plot seems to center on a new group of bad asses placed in a “hunting reserve” if you will, for the Predators to play with.  Sounds groovy to me.  My only problem is Adrian Brody as one of the human destruction machines?  Dude may be a good actor, but even watching him in the trailer as a trained killer I had a hard time picturing him as that part.  I guess that’s what acting is all about, so he’s going to have to use all of his skills to pull this role off without looking like a guy who was in The Pianist.

You decided for yourself.  The official site for the film is pretty cool too.  I found myself playing with the cursor for an inordinate amount of time.  You’ll see what I mean, so without further adieu here is the trailer in all it’s glory.


You’ve been enlightened…


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