New Report Claims the Xbox 720 Won’t Play Used Games


A new report from the Edge is claiming that the next Xbox, codenamed Durango, will not play used games discs, and that it will also require an always on Internet connection.  At this time this is obviously a rumor, and one that I hope is false with a capital “F”.  Edge claims that the next-gen games for this console will have a one time use code that renders them useless after the code is redeemed, which will effectively kill the used games market.

Personally, I just don’t see the whole used game block mechanic becoming a reality.  What would it benefit?  If anything it will help MS to not sell their newest console, so I highly doubt that they’ll include this feature.  The only faction that this feature would serve would be the publishers and developers of the software, so I’m not sure why MS would shoot themselves in the foot to appease these two communities when their bread and butter lies with the consumers.

The whole always on Internet connection feature is a whole other issue, and another one that I just don’t see becoming a reality.  Who knows, I’m logical, and sometimes those men in suits who make these decisions aren’t, so it may be a reality or not.  Again, I just don’t see how it would benefit MS in trying to sell consoles.  It’s another mechanism meant to protect software; not hardware.

It’ll be interesting to see if either of these rumored features are indeed in the final build of the next Xbox, but as a gamer and a consumer I hope to hell that they are absent.  I just don’t think Microsoft is that ignorant, but this is the same company that created Windows Millennium, and now Windows 8.  You’ve been hoping to the Game Gods that this is just a bunch of BS…


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