New Saints Row 3 Trailer Mocks both MW3 and BF3

I’ve never played a Saints Row game mainly because I can’t be bothered with large open world universes.  There’s just too much sh*t to do and the completionist in me ends up ruining the entire experience.  I get burned out on games like Saint Row very quickly, and oddly it’s usually because there is too much to do versus too little.  Regardless, I respect Saints Row’s popularity, and I do find its humor to be quite enjoyable.  Let’s just say that the Saints Row games aren’t known for taking themselves seriously, and they embrace those “WTF” moments that make games memorable.

In sticking with the humor of the first two games the latest trailer for Saints Row 3 once again manages to not take itself seriously by blatantly spoofing some of the more recent trailers for Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.  It’s a nice little tongue in cheek tribute to these soon to be juggernaughts.  Check it out below.  You’ve been liking when the giants of gaming get picked on…

Saints Row: The “Shock and Awesome” Trailer


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