New Samsung Story Drive Goes Hyperspeed USB 3.0 Style

Do you guys remember when 1GB of personal storage was a big deal?  Technology is growing at retarded speeds now.  I’m starting to think that the machines really are about to take over.  These days we can get Terabytes worth of storage for $100 duckets.  That is a ton of space to store your dirty movies, family pics, or whatever else you do behind close doors with your gear.

Samsung’s Story drive, available in 1TB and 2TB’s, is now coming with USB 3.0 capability, which I didn’t even know existed.  I’ve been out of the IT scene for sometime now, so USB 3.0 is new to me.  I guess the speeds that USB 3.0 will let you transfer at are out of this world.  Put it this way, USB 2.0 can transfer a 25GB file in 13 minutes, where USB 3.0 can transfer the same file in less than 2 minutes.  Now you can transfer your stolen digital media faster than ever[slider title=”!”]The Entertainment Buddha doesn’t condone stealing.  I’m just being silly, so if you do this watch your back, the feds may be knocking on your door.[/slider]

I’m still not even positive if USB 3.0 technology is readily available on PC’s or Macs yet, so if you know anything on the subject leave us a comment.  For all of your USB 3.0 needs check out the selection in my Digital Store today.

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