Bound by Flame, the upcoming RPG from Spiders, is set to release on May 9th for the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The newest batch of Bound by Flames screenshots detail the various companions that the player’s hero will have to learn to rely on in order to survive the game’s harsh world.

The companions in Bound by Flame represent a diverse selection of classes and roles, ensuring that players will have the proper tool for any given job. Outside of the classes and expertise of each companion, all five of the characters revealed today boast defined personalities and unique traits. The full breakdown of the newly revealed characters can be found below.

  • Sybil – a young mage who specializes in healing magic and long-range assistance.
  • Randval – a hand-to-hand combat specialist who can easily distract the attacks of various enemies.
  • Rhelmar – an elf who can rain down a flurry of arrows on your enemies.
  • Edwen the Witch – a talented witch who’s powerful dark magic can destroy the minds of those who stand in her path.
  • Mathras – an Undead older than one could possibly imagine.

Below are the screenshots detailing the newly announced companions.

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