New Screens Detail PayDay 2’s “Infamy” Mode for Veteran Thieves


A new update is hitting Payday 2 that will add an “Infamy” mode, which is very similar to Call of Duty’s prestige system. Going infamous is definitely more brutal than prestiging though, and requires much more dedication. If you’ve reached level 100 and have at least $200,000,000 in your offshore account then you can choose to enable infamy. You will be rewarded with exclusive cards and other in-game items for your troubles, but you pretty much lose everything you had stock piled before you chose to become an infamous bank robber. Thought will definitely have to be put into this decision.

In total there are 14 levels of infamy spread out over four tiers. When you first elect to go infamous you will receive a point to use in the new infamy tree. Each subsequent level will unlock more points to spend on other tier items. All of the infamy unlocks are exclusive to only those gamers who had enough guts to take the plunge, so you will stand out amongst the pack for your efforts.

Infamy is a free update, so no need to scrounge up some cash. It should be live now, so if you want a preview of some of the rare items it can yield head on down past the break to check out a batch of screenshots. The rules are listed down below as well in terms of what you lose and keep after going infamous.

What you lose:

  • Level progress
  • $200,000,000 of offshore account funds
  • All skill points, spent or unspent

What you gain:

  • A level of infamy
  • 1 infamy point to spend in the new tree
  • Exclusive infamy card displaying your level

*You won’t lose your weapons, but you also won’t have access to many of them until you hit the required level to use them.


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